Zwracając głowę ku miłości
8 marca 2020
I find I don’t need much to feel happy. It is love.
Simply waking up and feeling the magic of the day. Seeing my own face in the mirror and smiling to myself. Not because I’ve achieved something, but simply because I am glad to see my face in the mirror. Respecting myself and accepting all the silly things I have said and done. Staying connected to my heart, to whole of my body and giving attention to the messages it’s giving me. Letting mind rest and get it out of the way, so I can simply enjoy the moment. Speaking my truth in respectful way. And trusting. That’s the biggest for me. Trusting that I am never alone.
This is all that matters. It brings nothing but good to our Planet.

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  1. Dora Dopke pisze:

    Jolu, odetchnelam z ulga. Tak lekko zrobilo mi sie, gdy przeczytalam ten uzdrawiajacy tekst:)
    Milosc poplynela w Twoja strone:) ajlafju:* Dorota zza płota.

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