Each one to one session is unique. Here I would like to briefly introduce you to the main approaches I base my work on:

Radical Forgiveness – what is it?

This is a simple step-by-step method that helps transform the feelings accumulated around difficult life situations and experiences, as well as releasing the life energy locked in these experiences. It frees the need to answer the question "why?". Although its name is quite "radical", this method connects with the heart.
It teaches how to make use of the difficult feelings and how to work with them so that you grow in love for yourself. One of the tools that guide you through this simple, yet extremely liberating process of integration is the Radical Forgiveness Sheet - an individual work tool that you can download from this site. Imagine you are recovering the energy that has so far blocked you in experiences and memories, in your feelings, and you can use them to create your life Here and Now...

Spiritual Engineering/Non-hypnotic Regression

Spiritual Engineering, known also as Non-hypnotherapeutic Regression initiated by Krystyna Anton, carries out the needs of our inner Being (the deep understanding) and our Ego, who wants to experience everything that will draw its attention. Unlike other philosophical and spiritual methods and concepts, it takes into account the needs of our "I", our deeper "I" and I in its essence. There is no separation and opposition between body, mind and soul. Instead there is integration and understanding who we are and who we would like to be.

This method leads through the process of changing beliefs, releasing energy blocks and low vibrational aspects of relationships separating from fulfillment, by working in the Cause Field, in conjunction with your Higher Self, in deep meditation. In our world of different paths and choices, there is a unique path for each one of us, on which we feel personal fulfillment. You have in your hands the map and the key to accomplishing your hidden talents and dreams. You know best where you want to go, what you want and how you feel when you reach your desired goal.

Hands on Healing

By nearing my hands to the body I allow the free flow of Divine healing energy from the Source in the most appropriate way for you. This process works on many levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

- For some people, this will be a space where, when tired of their problems, will be able to experience comfort and rest from the mental effort of understanding and solving their problems. Following the words of a client, "I realized that you can simply reach for your life force here and now without waiting for everything to be analyzed and resolved"

- For someone else who comes in with a specific topic to work on, I will reach into the knowledge and techniques that I work with which will be relevant in a given situation.

In this type of session, I devote a great deal of attention to the body, which usually carries the experience of deep relaxation and relief from physical pain, which often resonates positively with emotional sensations. Fulfilling the energy of love strengthens inner integrity and connects you to your own source of life and power.

Points of The Source Consciousness

This is a massage that Kasia Metza taught me.
This process was channelled from the level of Light and Love. Its task is to free us from stagnant schemes, programs, and points of view which cause is to cease to create the life we ​​desire.
There are points on the head responsible for the various aspects of life. By touching them lightly and introducing light energy, there is a brain-level discharge of electromagnetic energy, which are our thoughts, feelings, programs, schemes and assumptions that have formed over years of different experiences, as well as in the experiences of other incarnations.
This energetic massage works the same as cleaning the hardware of your computer and creating space for life observing, presence, consciousness, and going beyond the systems victim, for creativity and life.


I grew up in Podlasie. It's different to the rest of Poland. Here you can be an atheist, not go to any church, but you can’t live apart from spirituality, around many wonderful sources, places of miracles and sacred images in churches. The smaller the Orthodox Church, the more spirit there is in it, simple and great, without ideology and deliberation, but so high that it flies beneath the ceiling. Here people’s hearts are different, another openness of the world. The whispering world, in which I grew up, has stayed the same for years, alive and simple. The world of women, who heal with prayer, mediating between the person and God. I began to rediscover this world when my mother was seriously ill and it has been with me since then, reconnected.

This piece of Podlasie I carry with me where I am. I invite you to take advantage of what it brings.


I give emotional and physical support during the labour process. I make Mom or Mom and Dad feel safe and taken care of in order to create the best possible transition into the world for the New Being. A Doula is not medical staff who changes during childbirth and knows nothing about the family. A Doula is someone with whom the Family and Mom feel good and have familiar relationship with, and at the same time someone who can, in the process of preparation for childbirth, convey the knowledge, opportunities and information which might be important and needed in order to make choices, know what to expect, or raise awareness of the process.

By combining all of this we will work holistically, at every level of existence - at the level of the physical body, the emotions, the mind, and the spirit.

You will be handed "tools" to work on your own so that you can help yourself when needed.

I do also sulphur glasses, I like herbs and stones. And more...

Development and transformation Workshops:

  • Circle Ceremony - beautiful workshop with elements rooted in the tradition of Indian Navaho, work which is cleansing and transforming energy from difficult situations and relationships experienced through the life
  • Workshops concentrated on selected aspects of life, such as:
    • Relationships,
    • Creativity,
    • Connection with Ancestors and transformation of a generational loads,
    • Reconnecting to our own potential
    • Building life space for ourselves
  • and others...

I organize and co-lead Circles of Women, unique space to be together, to share our wisdom, experiences and heal each other.

I co-organize and co-lead meetings for the Polish community in England, where we can get to know each other, share our potentials and talents and spend joyful time together...

I facilitate group meditations working on many aspects of life - reconnecting to the Source of One's Own Power, with the Body, with Elements, Earth, Guides, with the Love.. Each meditation is different...