You’re probably here not by accident. And since you're already here...
I’d like to invite you to ask yourself a few questions:

What is it that you are searching for?
Are you aware of your values?
Is there real space for you in your life?
Do you love and accept yourself fully?

Welcome to the space within which you will have the chance to hear the true desires of your heart, to accept and love each part of yourself. Welcome to the place where I invite you to find and relish in your own beauty. In a safe space where words such as self-esteem, self-acceptance, space for self, and love for oneself gain strength. They start for you and work for you.

Perhaps you are looking for love and a happy relationship ... Or you dream of finding your passion ... Maybe you are trying to cope with difficult relationships from your past and looking for forgiveness ... Maybe you care about expressing yourself whole-heartedly? Maybe you dream of a space for yourself in your responsibility packed life? Or maybe you want to completely immerse yourself in you and your true desires?

Each of us is different. We struggle with different issues. And I don't suggest that we’re going to get rid of them overnight. But when we start to see and accept US - our journey through life becomes lighter, more luminous, we return to the source of our power, we open up to our full potential and abundance. If you also feel that you came here not by chance ... I invite you to get to know me better in the tabs ABOUT ME, FOR YOU and MY WORK.



This is a simple step-by-step method that helps transform the feelings accumulated around difficult life situations and experiences, as well as releasing the life energy locked in these experiences. It frees the need to answer the question "why?". Although its name is quite "radical", this method connects with the heart. more

Spiritual Engineering, known also as Non-hypnotherapeutic Regression initiated by Krystyna Anton, carries out the needs of our inner Being (the deep understanding) and our Ego, who wants to experience everything that will draw its attention. Unlike other philosophical and spiritual methods and concepts, it takes into account the needs of our "I", our deeper "I" and I in its essence. There is no separation and opposition between body, mind and soul. Instead there is integration and understanding who we are and who we would like to be. more

By nearing my hands to the body I allow the free flow of Divine healing energy from the Source in the most appropriate way for you. This process works on many levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
- For some people, this will be a space where, when tired of their problems, will be able to experience comfort and rest from the mental effort of understanding and solving their problems. Following the words of a client, "I realized that you can simply reach for your life force here and now without waiting for everything to be analyzed and resolved" more

This process was channelled from the level of Light and Love. Its task is to free us from stagnant schemes, programs, and points of view which cause is to cease to create the life we ​​desire.
There are points on the head responsible for the various aspects of life. By touching them lightly and introducing light energy, there is a brain-level discharge of electromagnetic energy, which are our thoughts, feelings, programs, schemes and assumptions that have formed over years of different experiences, as well as in the experiences of other incarnations. more