About me

fot. Katarzyna Korotko
My name is Jola Bielawska. I am a Mother, Soul Therapist, trainer of Spiritual imaginary and Radical Forgiveness, a Healer, a Whispering Woman ... By connecting my natural resources to what I have learned I help women with their return to their source of power. In my work, I create a safe space to contact your feelings: a space where women learn to see themselves, accept all aspects of who they are, and love themselves. I facilitate workshops, women's circles, and lead individual sessions.

They say self-development is caused by difficult experiences. If you accept this theory, then my life deserves a medal, giving me many opportunities to develop. When I grew up to see them, I started using them as best as I could. And so I started back with myself. And now, after many years and many pairs of torn shoes on this path, I invite you to do the same. To remove curtains, obstacles and programs that block access to love, to life and to creation.

I work with the heart. I connect what comes to me in your space with the knowledge gained, with what has been flowing through my soul for centuries, as well as what I took from the roots of my origin. In my work a lot of methods are intertwined, but what I find unique is the space that I create – the space of the heart. This field has the chance to develop a sense of security. In this space, the greatest transformations are possible; the strengthening of the internal integrity and the connection to one's own source of vitality and power. And this is available for every one of us, by keeping this connection we are independent from others in terms of decision-making, self-confidence, power and creativity.
fot. 2,3,4: Katarzyna Korotko
I was born and raised in Podlasie. In the winter I sat with my mother at the loom, from spring to autumn I helped out in the field. When I remember childhood, in addition to the many emotions that accompanied it, the land of smells combined with the views - like freshly cut grain, fires on the autumn fields, or the view from a hay stick swinging on horseback and many others, as if they were from yesterday. My childhood is also the magic of Podlasie. Its whisperers, rituals, herbs, prayers, roots, tales of ghosts and witches told by my mom. As a child I was accompanied by singing, because Podlasie was overcrowded by the songs at the time. To this day, most of our songs are close to my heart - and mouth - and flow through me, to my delight as well as my children’s.

Today I live in London, run workshops, co-organize and co-ordinate meetings for the Polish community and for women. And with those who prefer a more private atmosphere, I work individually, leading them through transformation processes and accompanying their recovery of natural values and resources that have been lost as a result of life experiences. I am interested in supporting people in reaching their inner power and staying connected with it.
In my healing cauldron I mix the influence of East and West, seasoning it with all my heart.
  • I am a Doula, that is, I work with women and couples who would like to have access to emotional support in the process of childbirth, before and after,
  • I am a Radical Forgiveness Trainer, a simple and extremely beautiful method that proposes liberation from difficult life stories and teaches mindfulness towards our experiences and feelings. The method that teaches how to heal the unaccepted, the repressed, the difficult, that regains the vital energy imprisoned in the echoes of the past in order to have access to it at this moment,
  • I am a Spiritual Engineering/Non Hypnotic Regression Trainer. Connecting with the Power of our Heart’s Love and being led by the Higher Self, we can work together using this method in your Cause Field, where soul-level agreements have been made, and allow them to be solved and terminated to create a place for experiencing light, love, and fulfilment in this life, here and now,
  • I read Runes,
  • After finishing the London Soul Therapy Clinic I work directing healing energy through my hands where it is most needed, releasing what is not needed and replacing it with the New. I like using these sessions to Soul Journey, guide to places that transform and strengthen, from which you can draw your own strength and sense of power,
  • I heal with prayer similarly as the Whisperers from my childhood do.
  • I do an energy massage of the Points of the Source Consciousness, where a gentle touch of the head carries light to the relevant points. Its task is to broaden awareness, connect with Source, open up to its potential and abundance.
  • I write,
  • I sing,
  • I happily organize the Women’s Circle, where we can share knowledge, skills, touch, love and support,
  • I like herbs, stones, earth and fire,
  • I lay down sulphate cups.
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